How To Sell Online

How To Sell Online

Ever thought why your competitor is earning more then you by selling the same products you are 

selling ? Every seller come across through this situation .  To know about this clearly Lets Take an 

example :

·         Suppose there are 2 sellers, Seller A & Seller B .

·         Both are selling the mobile phones and both have there retail store in the same market .

·         In a month , Seller A has sold 100 mobile phones and Seller B has sold 350 mobile phones .

Both sellers are selling the same mobile phone and still the difference is very big . Why ?

Here’s the answer, Seller A is selling the mobile phones only offline . By offline , we mean that he is

 only selling the mobile phones to those who visits his store . And now Seller B is selling the same 

mobile phones both offline and online i.e he is selling the mobile phones in the market & he is also 

selling his product to almost to the whole country by using internet. This type of business is known as



E-commerce (Electronic Commerce) is a platform from where the buying and selling of goods and 

services happens. It’s an electronic channel which works 24 hours 7 days a week unlike the offline

 stores which works for n number of hours a day and 5-6 days a week .So isn’t it good to buy and sell

 from anywhere with the help of internet . Now you have understood what e-commerce is . Actually 

you’ve not lets find out .

There are 2 ways through which you can sell online :

1.      You can sell through the e-tailers which have already established there place in the internet world .

2.      You can sell through your own online store where you can be your own boss .

Selling On The Established E-tailers :

It’s been a long time there is a craze of ecommerce in India. Every seller wants to sell online so 

that they can earn more . To sell online seller needs a platform through which they can sell . E-

tailers like amazon, flipkart, snapdeal  provide sellers the services through which a seller can sell .

Services which these e-tailers provide to the seller are :-

·        An Online Store : The way you rent some space for offline business they provide you the space at there website to setup the online store .

·        Payment Gateway: This is the place where payment transaction takes place .
·        Logistics Support : These e-tailers provide you the pick-up and drop service i.e there logistics support picks the order from your place and deliver it to the customer .

·        Promotion : They help the seller to promote there store by providing customer discount coupons and various offers etc .
Note :- Some of the promoting techniques are chargeable .

  Nothing is free in this world and so there services . In Return what they take :-

·         Commission : Whenever a seller sells any products through there platform they charge a commission on the selling price . The commission percentage is mostly different for different products . The commission range from 1%-20% .

·        Logistic Fees : This Fee is a fee for the pick up and drop facility of the products . Every e-tailers charge a similar fee of around Rs. 50 per half kg and so on .

This is the main information which you need to start selling online . And And And Don’t Forget about the service tax .

The main advantage here is that you get returns .”

Sell on your own store :

This is where you can be your own boss no worries of commission and anything else .So there are so 

many players which helps you in creating your own online store and one of them is ZEPO. So how

 do they help you to make your dream online store . Lets check it out :

·        Website : They make a website for your store like “yourstore.zepo.in” . This will be link to your 

online store .

·        Free Payment Gateway : They are going to provide you the free payment gateway i.e you 

don’t have to pay any setup fees .

·        Logistics Support : They provide you the logistics support .

·        Marketing : They market your store online on places like facebook .

·        Apps : They provide you the apps also for tracking the order , creating coupons for
 customers, marketing the store .

·        Email Support : You get the email Support also .

And many more .

They also charge you for the services they are providing and they provide different 

packs and according to that you get access to those services . They will help you to

make your store live but let me tell you . You also have to put your efforts in making 

your store the best . If you are scared that if zepo will not help you properly they give 

a free trail of 14 days as other players does . So you can click this link and can start your 

“The Main advantage here is that you get good margins “

Conclusion :

So its totally your decision whether you want sell on the established e-tailers or want to make one for
 yourself . Either you choose anyone of them or you can sell through both the ways .

 So that’s it for now . I am going to come up with more e-commerce tips & if you want to see some android videos you can check my channel : 


                                                               Thank You
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