How To Pack The Mobile Tempered Glass Safely For Shipping


How To Pack Mobile Tempered Glass For Safe Shipping 

Hey guys i am back again after a very long time, i was really busy and my internet wasn't even trying to work properly . Lets get back to the topic . 
It's been more than two months i have started my own journey as a seller on ebay to earn some pocket money .I always have an interest in the mobile technology niche. But to sell the mobile phones there's a need of big investment so i started with the mobile accessories because it doesn't require a very big investment . So 2 months ago i had no clue on how to pack mobile accessories so that they gets delivered to the customer safely . At that time i used to think bubble wrap is the best solution to pack the product and less expensive also but when customers received the product it wasn't the same before shipping . Let me show you a picture .

Though it is looking cool but it is of no use to the customer . These type of cases frustrates your buyer and there is an chance of 80 % that customer will not shop from your website or store . Lets discuss about the bad things which can happen with you .

Where does the bad packaging leads to :

  • Chances that customer will not buy from you again in future .
  • We all know an dis-satisfied customer is going to take 10 from your store.
  • It is going to affect your brand .
  • If you are on ebay then a negative feedback can really affect your ratings .
  • If you'll continue with the bad packaging which will lead you to get your account restricted or suspended on the marketplaces .
  • if Customers receives a broken product then you might have to send the item again which will lead to more expense and less profit .
After reading these points i am sure that you are going to pack your products safe . Today i am going to share some tips to make sure that the products gets delivered safe and the packaging looks good 
also .

How To Pack Mobile Tempered Glass : 

Step 1: The very first step is deciding that what box you are going to use whether a box made of plastic or thick paper . I use the thick paper box because sometimes i sell a set of 2 tempered glass . 

Which box is more safe ?

Of course the plastic box is more safer than the paper box . At the end its your decision what you have to use .Make sure that the boxes you are going to use are not broken from anywhere or have scratches . 

Step 2:  The next step is to put the tempered glass in the box . If you are using the plastic box then you don't have to wrap the tempered glass in the bubble wrap then put it in the  box . But if you are using the thick paper box don't even think of putting the tempered glass in the box without bubble wrap . There's image below which will help you to understand more . 

Make sure that the tempered glass is properly wrapped so that it will not slide from the bubble wrap .
Now once the tempered glass is in the box now you have to wrap the box also to make it more safe .
Add caption
Note :- Don't use the low quality bubble wrap because it is not the strong . Use a high quality bubble wrap .

Step 3: Now the box of tempered glass is packed but still it is not safe . To make it more safe to ship you need an outer packaging which is more strong and reliable . There are two types of outer packaging which can use for the tempered glasses :-

1. Corrugate box
2. Thermocol Box

I am using the high density thermocol boxes right now . If you are going to get the thermocol box just tell manufacture that you want  high density thermocol boxes because they are more safe . The cost of single box would be around ₹7-₹15 . If you'll order boxes in bulk like 1000-1200 boxes then rate might get down . I am using the thermocol boxes because if i want to pack the flip covers also then i can do that which is a bit difficult in the case of corrugate boxes . To me it's a bit difficult .Check the images below so that you can get an idea . You can tell the manufacturer about the size and the thickness and quality to the manufacturer and they will make them for you . The box cost may vary .
Thermocol-Box-for tempered-glass
Thermocol-Box-for tempered-glass

This the box which i have . You can get different boxes also . 

The another reason of using these boxes is that the packaging is not only about safe its about the way it looks also . If the packaging looks good to customer and safe also then he is going to buy from you frequently .

Step 4 : This is the last step which you have to do putting the box in the tampered proof bag . I have used 8 X 10 inch bag as it is the best size for tempered glass . This size is ideal for me because i can ship other products also like cases, cover, earphones .

You can buy the tampered proof bag for tempered glass :

I hope now it is clear to you on how to pack a mobile tempered glass for shipping . If there is anything which i have missed then tell me that in the comment section .
Thank You :) and Happy Selling . 

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  1. Thank you for the tip. It has helped alot

    1. Your welcome :) , If u need any help contact us . :)

    2. Can you please share your what's app number dear I need your help

    3. Can you please share your what's app number dear I need your help

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    1. you can search modern therma packaging services on justdial and you'll get the results there .

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  4. The progress was steady at first. From the NW I sank down to the SW, easily did top center, and was at a LOSS in the NE. boxes

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